PRESS RELEASE - ENALMH Official Sponsor of the EHF EUROs 2020


ENALMH at the big sport events

Official Sponsor of the EHF EUROs 2020


At the Men's EHF EURO 2020, which takes place between 9-26 January, and the Women's EHF EURO 2020, which throws off in December, both partly hosted in Norway, the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health - ENALMH gives a beaming sound.



As part of a cooperation agreement with the Kindred Group, ENALMH actively supports the organization of the European Handball Federation together with major international and European communications sponsors. Every official sport event bears the message of a stronger use of sport and physical activity for the benefit of the physical and mental health of individuals, groups and the general public.

The Active Living for Mental Health movement is already deployed in the 11 countries where the twenty Network member organizations are active (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, & Turkey) and is recognized by European institutions and many other international and European umbrella organizations: initiatives and collaborations in the form of European projects or awareness campaigns are already underway or are under development.

At the same time, ENALMH has the opportunity to showcase its work and will seek to establish direct contact with the Norwegian stakeholders active in the fields of Sport and Mental Health, the national Handball Federations throughout Europe and the Sport industry, well distinguished for their sensitivity to Corporate Social Responsibility issues.
The partnership with the Kindred Group is based on the elaborated strong sustainability framework, with a key element being to contribute to communities with knowledge and resources. We are confident that this first step with the network's exposure to the Men's & Women's EHF EUROs 2020 will follow further as ENALMH's operation in the heart of the EU ensures that all partnerships would be strongly promoted.