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In our latest video, we dive deep into this question with insights from two experts in the field of mental health and physical well-being. Stavros Stathopoulos, Vice President of the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health, engages in a compelling discussion with Ximena Tiscareno, a Ph.D. candidate in Health Science and a psychologist.

Together, they explore the profound benefits that exercise and physical activity can have on our mental and physical well-being. From boosting mood to enhancing overall quality of life, their conversation sheds light on practical and evidence-based strategies to help you live better.

Don't miss this enlightening video – it's a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their life through the power of movement and mental wellness.

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Brussels, May 14, 2024


This week marks European Mental Health Week, a pivotal occasion dedicated to fostering better mental health for everyone across Europe. The European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH) is excited to join the continent-wide celebration under the theme of ‘co-creation’.

In 2024, the theme of European Mental Health Week focuses on a collaborative approach, encouraging everyone to work together in developing and implementing policies and programs that foster positive mental health. This year’s theme, ‘co-creation’, highlights the importance of inclusive and cooperative efforts in tackling mental health challenges and ensuring sustainable, impactful solutions.

ENALMH believes that co-creation is essential in shaping the future of mental health. By bringing together diverse stakeholders—including policymakers, healthcare professionals, community organizations, and individuals—we can create comprehensive strategies that address the multifaceted nature of mental health issues.


Key proposals:

1. Collaborative Workshops and Seminars: 

ENALMH strongly believes that a series of online workshops and seminars designed to foster dialogue and collaboration among mental health professionals, policymakers, and community leaders aim to generate innovative ideas and actionable plans for improving mental health across Europe.

2. Community Engagement Activities: 

 Local community organizations and ENALMH members could engage in various activities, such as public talks, wellness fairs, and mental health screenings, to raise awareness and encourage community participation in mental health initiatives.

3. Policy Advocacy: 

 ENALMH will continue its advocacy efforts, working closely with European institutions to promote policies that support mental health. This includes pushing for increased funding for mental health services, improved access to care, and the integration of mental health considerations into broader public health strategies

4. Educational Campaigns: 

 ENALMH would run educational campaigns across social media platforms to disseminate information about mental health, share success stories of co-creation in action, and provide resources for individuals seeking support.


''Through co-creation, we can harness the collective power of diverse perspectives and expertise to create a healthier, more supportive environment for everyone.”


ENALMH invites all individuals and organizations to participate in European Mental Health Week and join the movement towards better mental health for all. Together, we can co-create a future where mental health is a priority, and everyone has access to the support they need.



In alignment with the global discourse on sleep health, the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH) is proud to rally mental health professionals and advocates to champion the theme for  World Sleep Day 2024: "Sleep Equity for Global Health." Sleep, a cornerstone of well-being, remains indispensable in maintaining optimal mental health. However, ENALMH acknowledges that considerable variations persist in sleep health worldwide, contributing to health disparities and reinforcing existing inequities.


See our proposed activities to elevate the conversation around sleep equity. As part of our commitment to fostering holistic mental health, ENALMH proposes a multifaceted approach to address sleep inequities and elevate the discourse on sleep health:

1.  Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations:  ENALMH encourages collaborative efforts between mental health professionals and sleep health advocates. By fostering cross-disciplinary dialogues, we aim to generate comprehensive insights into the intersection of mental health and sleep.

2.  Educational Initiatives:  Implement educational programs that raise awareness about the crucial link between sleep equity and mental health. ENALMH is dedicated to developing resources that empower individuals to prioritize healthy sleep habits for overall well-being.

3.  Advocacy for Policy Change: Advocate for policies that recognize the impact of sleep on mental health and work towards reducing disparities. ENALMH will actively engage with policymakers to ensure that sleep equity is a fundamental consideration in public health strategies.

4.  Global Campaigns: Launch global campaigns in collaboration with like-minded organizations to amplify the message of sleep equity. By participating in #WorldSleepDay, ENALMH aims to contribute to a collective effort that transcends geographical boundaries.

Quotes from ENALMH leaders:

"Sleep is a universal pillar of health, yet not everyone has equal access to quality sleep. By addressing sleep equity, we take a significant step towards fostering mental health equity globally."

"ENALMH is committed to leveraging its network to unite professionals and advocates in pursuing sleep health for all. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity for restorative sleep and, consequently, better mental health."

Join Us on World Sleep Day: Elevate the Conversation!

ENALMH invites all mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals passionate about holistic well-being to join us in promoting sleep equity on World Sleep Day 2024.

Join the call at worldsleepday.org and let's Celebrate Healthy Sleep!

Together, let's amplify the conversation around sleep and contribute to a world where everyone enjoys the benefits of restful nights for improved mental health.

ATHENS, 19th December 2023 — The European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. Alexandros Oikonomou as President and Mr. Stavros Stathopoulos as Vice President for the next three years. This significant leadership transition marks a new chapter in the advocacy for mental health and active lifestyles.

In light of their newly appointed roles, Mr. Oikomou and Mr. Stathopoulos sought a meeting with Mr. Dimitrios Vartzopoulos, the Deputy Minister of Health in the Greek government responsible for mental health. The meeting, held on December 19, 2023, aimed to forge a collaborative path toward advancing mental health programs and services in Greece.

enalmh meets the minister

The discussion encompassed various key points, including:
Exchange of Know-How and Experiences: Sharing expertise and experiences to enhance mental health initiatives.
Promoting Active Lifestyle and Mental Well-Being: Collaborating to encourage an active lifestyle as a cornerstone of mental well-being.
International Collaborations: Establishing connections with the Greek psychiatric reform system and relevant bodies for international partnerships.
Support for Funding Mental Health Actions: Seeking support and funding avenues for impactful mental health projects.
Policy and Strategy Development: Contributing to the development of comprehensive mental health policies and strategies.
Best Practices: Sharing and implementing best practices in the field of mental health.
Participation in Stigma and Awareness Initiatives: Joining efforts to combat stigma and raise awareness about mental health issues.

The meeting was characterized by a productive exchange of ideas, and the Deputy Minister expressed gratitude for ENALMH's commitment. He acknowledged the significance of their work and assured ongoing government support for mental health initiatives.

Mr. Alexandros Oikonomou,  President of ENALMH, stated, "We see this meeting as a crucial step towards collaborating for the enhancement of mental health services and the promotion of mental well-being in Greece. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by mental health challenges."

The Board of ENALMH looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Greek government to strengthen mental health services and create a supportive environment for mental well-being in Greece.


Part of the activities of the Greek Network of Caregivers EpiONI is to hold informative events with the participation of professionals who provide answers to a wide range of issues of interest to caregivers of people with chronic illness or disability, among others.

EPIONH is organizing for the first time the two-day conference “Active and healthy aging for people with mental health problems or neurodevelopmental difficulties”.

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ENALMH Commits to Advancing Mental Health Inclusivity on International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023, the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH) reaffirms its commitment to fostering inclusivity and advancing mental well-being for individuals with disabilities across Europe. Aligned with the theme "United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and by persons with disabilities," ENALMH recognizes the intersectionality of mental health and disability and pledges to be at the forefront of initiatives that prioritize both.

Empowering Mental Well-being for All

ENALMH acknowledges the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, particularly in the realm of mental health. Mental well-being is a fundamental aspect of overall health, and the network is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have equal access to resources and support that promote mental health inclusivity.

Key Initiatives for International Day of Persons with Disabilities:

  1. 1. Inclusive Active Living Programs: ENALMH will launch inclusive active living programs designed to cater to individuals with disabilities. These programs will emphasize the holistic benefits of physical activity for mental well-being, irrespective of ability.
  1. 2. Collaborative Partnerships: ENALMH will forge partnerships with disability advocacy organizations, healthcare professionals, and community groups to create a collaborative network that champions mental health inclusivity.
  1. 3. Accessible Resources: The network will develop and disseminate resources that provide accessible information and support for individuals with disabilities seeking to enhance their mental well-being through active living practices.
  1. 4. Public Awareness Campaigns: ENALMH will initiate public awareness campaigns to challenge stereotypes and stigmas associated with mental health and disability. The goal is to create a more inclusive and understanding society.

ENALMH invites individuals, organizations, and advocates joining hands in this collective effort. By working together, we can create a society where mental health inclusivity is a reality for all, regardless of ability.

The Greek Network of Caregivers EPIONI frequently conducts educational events. These sessions engage professionals to address a myriad of concerns, especially catering to caregivers looking after those with chronic ailments or disabilities.

This year, for the 4th consecutive time, EPIONI is hosting the “Caregivers and Depression” seminar. Scheduled for October 5, 2023, at 15:00, the event will be held at the Metropolitan College in Athens and will also be available for online streaming.

The “Caregivers and Depression” event boasts a line-up of distinguished speakers:

  • · Dr. Giorgos Tzeferakos from the University of Athens will delve into the pharmaceutical approaches to treating depression.
  • · Mr. Dimitrios Kontis will discuss diagnosing and treating depression specifically in caregivers.
  • · Psychiatrist Georgia Balta will touch upon how to prevent depression from recurring.
  • · Dr. Kelly Panagiotopoulou will discuss the lesser-known aspects of caregiver depression.
  • · Mr. Dimos Dimelis will explore scenarios where depression remains unresponsive to traditional treatments.
  • · And Arron Hutchinson will shed light on the correlation between ADHD and depression.

Endorsed by the Region of Attica,  the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, the Hellenic Brain Council and ENALMH this event is being realized in partnership with several mental health institutions.

Support for the event comes from corporate sponsors: VIANEX, Janssen, Pfizer, and Pharmaserve Lilly.

Promotional partners include: Psychology Now and Iatronet.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85160102747