P.R.: General Assembly of the European Network ENALMH



General Assembly of the European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH)

 "More members, more initiatives"


The beautiful city of Prague hosted the annual General Assembly of the Network held on Friday, May 30th, 2019 with significant results:


With the admission of 5 new members within just seven months of the previous October 2018 meeting, the number of the full members increased to 19 (36%) with presence in 11 countries.

So, they have welcomed the following new members in alphabetical order:

  • Association for Research on Mental and Physical Health of the Elderly (ARISMA), IT
  • FAINARETI Non-Profit Organization, GR
  • School of Health, Polytechnic of Porto, PT
  • Society of Psychosocial Research and Intervention – S.P.R.I., GR
  • The University of Thessaly, School of Physical Education, Sport and Nutrition, GR

During the first part of the works of the GA a review of the initiatives undertaken so far and the partnerships developed has been done.  Within the wider range of cooperation are included 8 transnational organizations (3 international and 4 European networks and one European Think Tank), 15 universities and more than 40 Mental Health and Sport organizations active in 17 countries. The successful outcome of the initiatives will mark a new day for the link of Sport and Physical Exercise to Mental Health aiming at the promotion of the Active Living Movement for Positive Mental Health and Well-Being.

Furthermore, it was planned the promotion of the network in important international fora and decisions have been taken to develop new initiatives for the Action Plan 2019 - 2020 aiming at the full coverage of the EU Member States and creating productive links with the public and private sectors.

Information: www.enalmh.eu