2nd European Sport & Physical Exercise Event for Mental Health

Proposal on the ERASMUS+/ SPORT Call for Collaborative Partnerships

The proposal “2nd European Sport & Physical Exercise Event for Mental Health” (ESPEEMH) aims to continue the development of strong institutional procedures for the specific contribution of sports and physical exercise to the prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of mental health service users at European level.

The high importance of the actual connection between the fields of Sports / PE & MH has been provided by the developing initiative of Active Living for MH which came to life through the MENS and EVENTS projects, funded within the Sport ERASMUS+ calls of 2016 & 2017, the establishment of the ENALMH Network and the “lifeislikeabike” awareness campaign.

The proposal aims at the organization of the 2nd ESPEEMH, though the 1st is going to be implemented on September 2018 within the “EVENTS” project, as one step ahead towards the institutional adaptation of the European Sport Event for MH

Within this frame, the objectives of the project are:

- the implementation of a 3-days Sport Event in Greece where 300 participants will be persons with or without mental disorders

- the organization of a Conference for the awareness raising on stigma, the dissemination of the project results and the development of a sustainability strategy for the permanent realization of the European Event in annual basis.

The innovative aspects of the 2nd European Event are:

- the direct participation of European networks of the wider field of MH in order to operate as multipliers of the Event idea and mission

- the realization of the event in the middle of the city in order to spread the message of active living as an everyday life component and not as an extraordinary activity.

- The focus on prevention for the 3rd day activities involving the children population.

Coordinator of the proposal is the Greek organization Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health. Sending organizations are representing at the time of submission 14 countries: GR, IT, UK, SP, TR, LI, HR, PT, IE, BU, CZ, NL, BE, RO