Advanced Skills For Active Living

Proposal on the ERASMUS+/ SPORT Call for Collaborative Partnerships

The proposed project  A.S.A.L aims to train professionals from the field of Sports Science and Physical Activity to develop skills needed in order to be able to engage in structures that target population with mental health illnesses.


The focus will be to train and develop the required skills in these professionals in order to make them eligible to engage and work with this specific target group and provide high quality services to promote and assist the therapeutic process.

This will be accomplished by accumulating modules focusing on technical, behavioural and practical aspects. Additionally, the project aims to collect some innovative practices that are currently used in Europe and train the participants on these specific practices utilizing their developers as educators when, and if possible.

The training course will be consisted from a 6 month vocational training period divided into two 3-month terms and a 3-month internship period which will take place either in some of the partners’ structures or other Mental Health institutions.

5 participatory multiplier events and the final Project Conference will disseminate the project results