Interactive Platform of Active Living for Mental Health

Proposal on the ERASMUS+/ SPORT Call for Collaborative Partnerships

"I.P.A.L.M.H" is an 18 month project proposal to be implemented in 6 European Countries (Greece, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium) and will also be supported by the partnering European Network for Active Living for Mental Health and its founding members.
This proposal is a part of an overall, well developed strategy to utilize Physical Exercise and Sport activities in the field of Mental Health under the umbrella of the title “active living for mental health”.

The aim of this Interactive Platform is to identify, develop, promote and share Sport and Physical Activity structured practices and all relevant information such as studies, policies, campaigns etc., and create a database that will be available to all professionals working with Mental health services users (both Sport and Physical education specialists and Mental Health specialist), but also to all interest parties and individuals.

Additionally, the platform aims to work as a Digital Library and also a Forum for discussion among competent authorities, organizations and professionals on the implementation of structured practices and development of new Sport practices, enhancing thus the networking among the stakeholders. But within the overall Interactive Platform concept not only static functions are foreseen. An innovative dynamic application, the Practices’ Generator Tool will be developed in order to enhance the creation of new sport and physical exercise practices for Mental Health.

KSDEO EDRA, GR – Coordinator
Finnish Association for Mental Health, FI
COOS Marche, IT
First Fortnight, IE
FOKUS – Praha, CZ
ENALMH Network, BE