Membership Application


ENALMH Network A.I.S.B.L. (ENALMH) is an organisation in its own right.  ENALMH, its General Assembly, Board, Committees, etc. operate according to the Statutes as established in Brussels, Belgium on February 1st, 2018.


Membership is available to:

-Organisations with legal personality, which can demonstrate they are able to meet the criteria laid down by the Management Board and approved by the General Assembly

-Informal groups of people (without legal entity) under specific conditions upon the General Assembly's decision, and,

-All the organizations undertaking this initiative for the establishment of this Association , partnering in the MENS Project (

The association is open to all potential members coming from countries of the Council of Europe.


The association has 2 types of membership:

  • Full member organisations
  • Associate member organisations

The applicant member shall receive a reply to its request for membership with the application’s protocol number and, in principle within thirty (30) days after the meeting of the Managing Board following its application for membership.

The Managing Board monitors the application in view of the conditions for membership and the quality guidelines of the association and gives advice to the General Assembly. The association’s General Assembly decides on the application with a simple majority.

The rights and privileges of members shall not be transferable.

The General Secretary is responsible for making recommendations to the Board for the assessment of all applications for membership of ENALMH

Statutes, Internal Rules, Annual Reports, etc. can be obtained upon simple request and you can also download them from our website.