Members list

The origins of the Network


The European Network of Active Living for Mental Health was created within the framework of the “MENS Project”, funded by the ERASMUS+ / SPORT Programme of the European Commission.

Members of the Network are the following organisations:

EDRA – Greece


First Fortnight - Ireland

Merseyside Expanding Horizons - United Kingdom

ANARP (Associação Nova Aurora na Reabilitação e Reintegração Psicossocial) - Portugal

INTRAS – Spain

ASOK – Lithuania

SSOI Rijeka – Croatia

EKPSE – Greece

FOKUS  CR  - Czech Republic

UNIVERSITY of Athens - Greece

UNIVERSITY of Thessaly - Greece

ALZHEIMER Greece - Greece

EPSEP - Greece


ARISMA - Italy


POLYTECNICO Porto - Portugal


Involved organisations come, up to now, from:

Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

member mapAfter exploring the wider field of Mental Health, it has been established that the existing procedures at a European or national level do not provide the necessary, specialized approach to sufficiently connect the benefits of Sport and Physical Exercise with Mental Health. ENALMH’s mission is to promote the use of Sport & Physical Exercise in the prevention of Mental Disorders as well as in the therapeutic process by inspiring and aiding competent entities and institutions across Europe to aim towards the conjunction of the two fields.

The Network is envisaged to advance knowledge and action in Active Living for mental health by an effective strategy based on academic-practice-policy maker partnership, operating in distinct coordinated domains.