Better Together: Co-Creating the Future of Mental Health

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Brussels, May 14, 2024


This week marks European Mental Health Week, a pivotal occasion dedicated to fostering better mental health for everyone across Europe. The European Network of Active Living for Mental Health (ENALMH) is excited to join the continent-wide celebration under the theme of ‘co-creation’.

In 2024, the theme of European Mental Health Week focuses on a collaborative approach, encouraging everyone to work together in developing and implementing policies and programs that foster positive mental health. This year’s theme, ‘co-creation’, highlights the importance of inclusive and cooperative efforts in tackling mental health challenges and ensuring sustainable, impactful solutions.

ENALMH believes that co-creation is essential in shaping the future of mental health. By bringing together diverse stakeholders—including policymakers, healthcare professionals, community organizations, and individuals—we can create comprehensive strategies that address the multifaceted nature of mental health issues.


Key proposals:

1. Collaborative Workshops and Seminars: 

ENALMH strongly believes that a series of online workshops and seminars designed to foster dialogue and collaboration among mental health professionals, policymakers, and community leaders aim to generate innovative ideas and actionable plans for improving mental health across Europe.

2. Community Engagement Activities: 

 Local community organizations and ENALMH members could engage in various activities, such as public talks, wellness fairs, and mental health screenings, to raise awareness and encourage community participation in mental health initiatives.

3. Policy Advocacy: 

 ENALMH will continue its advocacy efforts, working closely with European institutions to promote policies that support mental health. This includes pushing for increased funding for mental health services, improved access to care, and the integration of mental health considerations into broader public health strategies

4. Educational Campaigns: 

 ENALMH would run educational campaigns across social media platforms to disseminate information about mental health, share success stories of co-creation in action, and provide resources for individuals seeking support.


''Through co-creation, we can harness the collective power of diverse perspectives and expertise to create a healthier, more supportive environment for everyone.”


ENALMH invites all individuals and organizations to participate in European Mental Health Week and join the movement towards better mental health for all. Together, we can co-create a future where mental health is a priority, and everyone has access to the support they need.