ENALMH supports the EASI CUP 2022

Tomas Soucek has become patron of sport - public awareness event

One game, one soul. This is the motto of an international public awareness event, a football tournament (not only) for people with mental health problems called EASI CUP 2022, which will take place from 11 to 15 July in Pelhřimov. At the same time, a Facebook awareness campaign begins in February, which aims to reach the general public. It will inform about mental health problems, where to seek support in case of mental health problems, but also about the positive impact of exercise and sport on our mental health. One of the best Czech footballers of today, the captain of the Czech national team, the key player of West Ham United and a native of Havlíčkův Brod, Tomáš Souček, took over the patronage of this event. EASI CUP 2022 is organizing the FOKUS Vysočina, which provides comprehensive care for people with mental health problems in the Vysočina region, as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. The international umbrella organizations EASI and ENALMH are also collaborating on the event.

"We are very pleased that the patronage of this important event was taken over by Tomáš Souček, an excellent footballer, person, but also a native of Vysočina. It's a great example of how professionals can support such an important sport and public awareness event. It sends a positive message to the whole community, "comments Jan Drobný, event manager and vice president of ENALMH.

Tomáš Souček adds: “I am glad that I could to become a patron of EASI CUP 2022, which is also held in the region where I grew up. I believe that such as project can help people with mental health problems to feel better in society, but they will also help dispel the myths associated with their mental health problems. Therefore, I recommend watching the EASI CUP 2022 Facebook page, where a campaign will run, in which professional athletes, mental health professionals, but also people with experience with mental health problems, who can be very inspiring in many respects for all of us, will present themselves in short videos. "

"EASI CUP is an international football tournament for players with experience with mental health problems. Thanks to football, the differences between our handicaps are erased. During the game we are all passionate about scoring, succeeding, experiencing joy together with our team. Our worries and limitations are receding into the background. Sports and exercise help maintain our mental health and well-being. And that is the main message of the whole tournament and the whole event, "says Anna Šimonová, director of FOKUS Vysočina.

“The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the topic of mental health problems, which is still taboo in our society and burdened by many misconceptions and prejudices. At the same time, more and more people in the Europe are suffering from some form of mental health problems. According to the latest statistics, one in five people has experienced it,” summarises Alexandros Oikonomou, president of ENALMH.

The football tournament takes place from 11 to 15 July 2022 at the Pelhřimov football stadium. In addition to many domestic teams, foreign footballers will also present themselves. "The first officially registered foreign teams are, teams from Germany, Holland, England, Scotland, Slovakia, Norway Italy and Spain. The Facebook campaign will start from the middle of February, "adds Jan Drobný, the event's manager.