ALMH movement context in an Interactive Presentation


AMLH movement context in an Interactive Presentation:

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ALMH is a growing movement that is introducing a series of new data and aspects across the Mental Health spectrum: prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, advocating for patients' rights and addressing stigma. These data are interconnected in a functional way to form a holistic and integrated approach. A multitude of objectives and actions in synergy with a large number of stakeholders and target groups are already evolving or planned to be developed in different areas.


In the ALMH MOVEMENT CONTEXT interactive application with a single click everywhere, any interested party can select a related entity or group (Column G) or an action/pillar (Core columns) or scope (Column F) to navigate the relational profile of each choice. The process is completely two-way between all the data compiled by ALMH MOVEMENT CONTEXT. Navigation offers not only immediate summary information but also the ability of each stakeholder to enrich the action plan: ENALMH is ready to welcome and seek new ideas together, consider proposals for synergies and support any third parties initiatives, related to its mission and vision.

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