ENALMH launches a campaign on the World Mental Health Day 2019: «Sport helps»

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ENALMH launches a campaign on the World Mental Health Day 2019 :  «Sport helps»

Worldwide Mental Health presents an ever-worse picture.

ENALMH Network responds to this year's focus on suicide by launching a campaign that places particular emphasis on youth suicide. The campaign is not only about raising awareness, but also about enhancing the use of Sport and Exercise to prevent the phenomenon in the youth population. The campaign includes digital awareness materials and raises questions on the level of policies pursued. The core message “Spot helps” is supported by useful scientific sources for particular aspects of the phenomenon in the youth population and the essential contribution of Sport and Physical Exercise in prevention. Going beyond the stereotype of one day celebration, that often raises questions on motivation and commitment, the ENALMH campaign extends over 4 days from October 8 - 11, thus emphasizing the need for continuous rather than “anniversary” activism. The present campaign development is only a first approach to the phenomenon to be followed by a series of related initiatives. Of particular importance would be the active interest of any entity active in the field of Sport and Wellbeing as they can be key factors in tackling the aggravated problem. We urge anyone interested in promoting the campaign as well as ENALMH is fully available to connect and support all relevant third party actions towards the common goals.