Inter-Active Living for Mental Health (InALMH) project has been selected for a grant



The way for a strategic cooperation between Sport and Mental Health opens.

A great success is being completed in 2019 for the performance of ENALMH in the field of EU projects.

Following the launch in January 2019 of the ASAL project in which the Network is partnering, the Inter-Active Living for Mental Health (InALMH) project has been selected for a grant within the ERAMUS + / Sport framework.
InALMH project aims

  • to contribute towards the development of an upgraded Policy Framework in the form of Recommendations for EU Guidelines for the use of Sport/PE on Mental Health and
  • to create an Interactive Platform (IP) for the collection, the organisation and the dissemination of information concerning the PE Practices providing free access to all interested parties and individuals together with the enhancement for the development of new practices.

The IP is a structured WEB space that includes :

  • a Digital Library where the evolutions and updates related to the wider area of Active Living for Mental Health would be hosted and communicated
  • an innovative Practices' Generator Tool (IT application) in order to enhance and promote the actual use of Sport and Physical Exercise for the benefit of the Mental Health by generating new customised practices.
  • a User’s Online Forum for the mobilization and participatory involvement of professionals and stakeholders of the two fields.


The project will start on January 2020 and end by June 2021 and the implementation tasks will be carried out by the following partnership:

  • ENALMH - Coordinator
  • University of Thessaly – Trikala, Greece
  • National & Kapodistrian University of Athens– Athens Greece
  • Associazione per la Ricerca sulla Salute Mentale e Fisica dell'Anziano (ARISMA) - Bologna, Italy
  • FOKUS CR- Prague, Czech Republic
  • Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Health School - Porto, Portugal
  • Merseyside Expanded Horizons - Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Greek Association of Alzheimer - Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Mental Health Europe, EU Network – Brussels, Belgium
  • Sport & Citizenship, EU Think Tank - Paris, France
  • GAMIAN Europe, Global Alliance - Brussels, Belgium.
  • EVERTON in the community - Liverpool, United Kingdom


The direct involvement of large umbrella organisations of the Sport and Mental Health sectors Europe wide as well as the institutional characteristics of the project outcomes create a great opportunity for a strategic cooperation between the two sectors towards the intense and structured exploitation of Sport and Physical Exercise within the overall context of Active Living for Mental Health.